Aquatic hike
Aquatic hike

Aquatic hike

Come and enjoy a thrilling adventure accompanied by a qualified sports instructor in the Dordogne valley.

Aquatic hiking with Loisirs Evasion is the crucial activity for exploring the hidden beauty of the Corrèze with two possible routes, the first with your feet in the water and the other on land.

These two courses are specially designed for families but also adapted for the more adventurous with jumps into water (not compulsory).

The setting in which we will evolve together will leave you mesmerised.

Discovery formula

Ideal for discovering the activity with children or between adults.
Very fun 2.5 hour course with jumps (optional).
Multiple sublime waterfalls along the way.

Day package

Ideal for a day of activities with a picnic
Very fun 4 to 5 hour course with jumps (optional) and natural slides.
Sublime waterfalls on the way.

What is aquatic hiking? 

Aquatic hiking is an outdoor sport in white water. Mixing hiking and water-sports. This activity is a fun and less technical variation of canyoning that does not involve any ropes. It thus allows initiation to a large audience of even occasional practitioners (family canyoning).

What is provided by Loisirs Evasion 19

For a safe outing, we provide life jackets, helmets and neoprene suits. Revised and quality material.

What you should plan for:

Choose sports shoes such as sneakers as well as shorts and a towel for the end of the activity

Requirements :

It is important to be at least 7 years old, to have no physical contraindications and to know how to swim 25 meters. No experience required.